Do you have a restaurant? Are you looking for something a little bit different? How about a roving balloon artist?

Always a home run
You have a chance to add somethine special to your line-up: top-notch entertainment that amuses and delights.

Shoot from center court
Imagine what your guest will see when entering your establishment when Lanna Lee is in the house. Vibrant colors! Crazy hats! Laughing patrons! Silly smiles! There is a party happening and it’s at your restaurant.

Professional balloon artists take a simple balloon and add air and innovation to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. Whether it’s a balloon dog perched on a hat, a hitchhiking alien, or a huge super-duper birthday concoction, your guests will take notice.

The Ace in the Hole
You need an enthusiastic ambassador who will represent your establishment with humor and skill. A performer who will help you gain repeat customers and make your restaurant the place to be.

Lanna offers 20+ years experience as a children’s performer, several as “Bingo the Clown” at three Ground Round Restaurants. She specializes in table-to-table work, and she makes it her mission to help your servers achieve their goal – happy customers.