How To

Here are some resources for the novice balloon twister.

How to Twist

The best place for help on twisting balloons is on the internet at The absolute best. And, although they do have memberships available with more features, all of these features are free of charge:

Members get their own website, they get to search the photos (which is very helpful if you are looking for great ideas) and they get a special balloonhq email address.

Where to get Balloons

For my Maine Students: To order balloons you have a few options.

The best brands, for a quality product, would be Qualatex or Betallic.

Locally you can try to get balloons at a party store. This is best if you only need a few balloons. Honestly, I have found the selections to be sub-par, and very expensive. If you have a larger gig you might find the balloon quality better and it might also be cheaper to order from one of the businesses below.

For Larger orders locally. You can try ground shipping at both of these businesses, you will likely get the order in a couple of days.

Not local at all, try TMyers (they have a lot of good stuff and are well-suited to help balloon twisters):