Fitting Tribute

Fascinating Flower Brigade

Fascinating Flower Brigade

Yesterday I was privileged enough to be able to help my friend Rachel and her family celebrate her mother’s wonderful life. Lenore Fleming was a tour-de-force amazing woman, someone to emulate, and her loss is felt – even by people who didn’t know her well. I wish I could’ve known Lenore better.

The service was beautiful and afterward we had snacks, and I made some balloon fascinators for anyone who wanted one. Lenore wanted a party, and she got it.

Best thing ever? This is a G+ AutoAwesome Picture Motion composite of the picture above plus the other photos I took of these lovely ladies:

Fascinator Flower Brigade

Fascinator Flower Brigade

This photo amuses me, the father in the photo, when I was taking the picture, said “My name is Doe. John Doe.” Then the mother said, “My name is Jane.” The son, we figured, was named Joe.

The Does - John Doe, Jane Doe, and their son, Joe Doe.

The Does – John Doe, Jane Doe, and their son, Joe Doe.

Hats are awesome!

Hat Party, FTW!

Made this crazy Hat for Katie’s surprise shower. Did not make the huge sombrero. Now, THAT would’ve been a trick.

A little decoration with your wine?